Bungalup! is a the first festival in the Netherlands what will be held in a bungalowparc. It is a creation of the team behind Valtifest and in collaboration with the Business Development Team of Center Parcs. It will last for 3 days, 3 – 5 February 2012. Center Parc ‘de Eemhof’ will be the location for this festival.

Why this is cool? Festivals in the Netherlands are very populair but only in the summer. This is a festival in the winter and nobody knows what will happen. Bungalup! will tell 21 November what the program will be. It will be 3 days of partying with suprises for the visitors. I also think that Center Parcs will bring youth to their parcs. Center Parcs has the image of family trips and I think they want to be more than that. Bungalup! can help Center Parcs to bring more younger people to their parcs because there is so much to do.

Bron: Bungalup!