In december 2011, near before christmas I was in Paris with school. We had a lifestyleweek, named ‘The Ultimate Lifestyle Challenge’. For two days we were in Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This two days I saw a few coolhunts. One of the was ‘cheeseburger chips’.

I never saw this one before, and I was curious. But I didn’t taste it, too bad. Why I think it’s cool and a experience? Normaly chips is in flavours you expect. You don’t expect a cheeseburger flavour. Well, I don’t. Eating this chips you will experience the flavour of eating a cheeseburger, but it won’t be a real burger but a bag of chips. In these days you will find more and more different flavours of chips. Here in the Netherlands we have ‘patatje joppie’ and there is a new competition to create a new flavour. I think this has future potential because people want to try this and the like to be involved.