You always thought dat D&G was fancy and chique? Well I still think but look at these windows! I also found this coolhunt in Paris. We were walking at the Champs Élysées, and saw all the pretty stores from Chanel, Guess, LV, and D&G. I was suprised to see this window from D&G and the first thought I had was ‘this is a good coolhunt!’.

What D&G did was presenting their new collection in market stalls. I have never seen this before, and thought it was a really good idea. It took my attention and I think I was looking at this window for 5 minutes. Not only because I liked the products, no I liked the idea of the presentation. The cool thing about this presentation is that you don’t expect D&G to present their new collection in this form. It deffinitly is a experience to shop here. D&G creates a glamorous market stall and shows that markets doesn’t have to be boring. I also think that it has to do with the economy crisis. They still make chique and expensive products but their presentation is based on the econoy crisis. I think that we will see this kind of presentations more in the future.